Bold Creativity, Bright Future: A Strategic Approach for Hotels

Why Work With Us?

  • Dazzling Creativity: We don't just reshape; we redefine the very essence of hotel experiences.
  • Global Excellence: Our collaboration spans the globe, uniting Luchs Group, SolutionsHI, and Magical Places to bring you a world of expertise.
  • Strategic Brilliance: We're not just a collaboration; we're a powerhouse of strategic brilliance, covering every stage of your hotel project.
  • Energetic Support: Imagine having a team as enthusiastic about your hotel's success as you are! With us, you get energetic, passionate, and committed support every step of the way.
  • Purpose: Acknowledging the uniqueness of your project, we approach design, community, sustainability, and impact holistically. The 'WHY' is integral to your success!" 

Ready to breathe life into your boutique hotel's narrative and elevate standards in impact and profitability?

Connect with us today and let the transformative brilliance begin!


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Exciting News for Boutique Hotel Owners! 

Gear up for an extraordinary collaboration set to redefine the future of your boutique hotel business! Introducing an unstoppable trio: Luchs Group, hailing from the vibrant city of Los Angeles; SolutionsHI, spanning the lively scenes of Madrid and Berlin; and the enchanting Magical Places from Vienna.

The Creativity Dilemma: Elevating from Ordinary to Extraordinary with real impact

In the nuanced tapestry of the business world, creativity often stands as an overlooked yet indispensable pillar. For boutique hotels, neglecting this creative essence risks fading into a sea of uniformity. Embracing creativity becomes the key to unlocking an iconic presence, a unique business model, and an indelible imprint that sets your boutique hotel apart as a leader of impact in your community.

Why Choose Our Collaboration?

For boutique hotels, creativity isn't just a stylistic choice; it's a strategic imperative. Together, our trio brings a burst of creativity, a touch of magic, and strategic brilliance that ensures a vibrant future for your hotel. From project inception to operation and marketing, we provide a comprehensive range of services to fully support every stage, aligning seamlessly with the future of the industry and, notably, ensuring sustainability throughout."

Judith Volker Magical Places
Lars von der Wettern SolutionsHI
Stu Luchs Luchsgroup

Experience tells us

that when the right people come


anything can happen.

Some might call it luck.

I call it MAGIC!

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