Philosophy & About

What I believe in ..

Value creation is driven by values.

Unique, fulfilling experiences give back on many levels.

In essence, Magical Places builds on a foundation of pure luxury while striving

for more.

A different spirit

For some, value can't be measured by numbers and figures alone.

Just as luxury can't be reduced to an appreciation of the very best there is.

I believe true luxury offers an opportunity for growth.

As for us as individuals and in the community around us.

For that reason, Magical Places has been conceived in a different spirit: from ME to WE.

It's the core idea behind my/our concept, informed as much by ancient philosophy as an intimate knowledge of the upscale hospitality business and its limits.

About me

My Philosophy

Magical Places is about more than building a high-end resort in one the most enchanting places in the world: it's about creatingan inimitable experience and the kind of value that matters.

If you are here, it is safe to assume you are looking for a different kind of opportunity.

Maybe you have decided it's time to do something new and move forward on your own terms.

Maybe you want to get closer to nature and likeminded people - and get behind a project as big as your own hopes and ambitions.

Or maybe you simply find yourself thinking that your resources could be better spent creating something incredible out of nothing.

Hi, I’m Judith,

Creator and Founder of Magical Places

I believe life is full of beauty and color and potential.

Work hard, dream big, enjoy, be adventurous, take a little risk once in a while, and

most importantly - live NOW!

That’s the very reason why I love and breathe hospitality.

This is where life happens.

This is where amazing things take place.

What inspired me to launch Magical Places?

I think these two life events had the biggest impact:

In 1996, I worked for Cirque du Soleil. Canadian founder Guy Laliberté, a college drop-out turned billionaire, had the amazing capability to combine art and finances and made Cirque du Soleil a huge success. I was fascinated by his approach and soaked up every lesson, I could learn during my time with them.

In 2003, I purchased with my then-husband Villa Cartoceto in the Italian region Marche. The villa is in the middle of the historic center of Cartoceto. We opened a Bed & Breakfast and made the entire local community part of our guest experience. Our guests were mesmerized, and we had a fabulous time running it.

These 9 years and my time with Cirque du Soleil were great sources of inspiration and they finally led me to Magical Places.

Experience tells us

that when the right people come


anything can happen.

Some might call it luck.

I call it MAGIC!

Still eager to hear more ? 

Here we go:

• I’m originally from the Netherlands, call Vienna my home for now and travel extensively.

• I’ve received several awards, including

• Hotel of the Year by Gault Millau Österreich (2018),

• Valore Donna Internationale by the Regione Marche Italia (2007)

• and Premio Una Provinciadi Apifarfalle by the Provincia Pesaro Urbino (2005).

• I am one of the founders of the Culinary and Art festival in St. Anton am Arlberg.

• And served as a member of the International Advisory Board of Hoteliers for Small Luxury Hotels of the World.

In 2011, I started as consultant for the creaton of  the new exclusive 5-star superior Hotel Tannenhof in St. Anton am Arlberg. And became there Deputy Managing Director for eight years, I helped create exceptional guests experiences:  24 staff members serving a maximum of 16 guests 24/7,and a cuisine that earned4 Gault Millau Toques

• In 2018, I earned the Seth Godin altMBA

• The Alain de Botton’s “The School of Life” provided me with a certification in Emotional Intelligence,

• I took “Visual Thinking for Business” classes at iversity,

• Destination & Leadership Management at the Management Center Innsbruck

• and Management & Development of Touristic Companies at EUROLEX SRL,

• and I have held creative leadership positions in the hospitality, entertainment, media and event industries across Europe.

As you can see, I’m into lifelong learning and that’s why my vision will even include a Magical Places academy at some point in time.

If you have more questions,

just drop me a line and

I’ll be happy to answer!

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