Magical Places is about more than building an high-end resort in one the most enchanting places in the world: it's about creating inimitable experience and the

kind of value that matters. 

If you are here, it is safe to assume you are looking for a different kind of opportunity. Maybe you have decided it's time to do something new and move forward on your own terms. Maybe you want to get closer to nature and likeminded people - and get behind a project as big as your own hopes and ambitions.

Or maybe you simply find yourself thinking that your resources could be better spent creating something in credible out of nothing. Experiences tells you that when the right people come together in the right setting, anything can happen.

Some call that luck, but we cal it MAGIC!

Core Principles

Value creation that is driven by values

Unique , fulfilling experiences that give back on many levels

In effect, Magical Places builds on a foundation of pure luxury while striving

for more.

Different spirit

For some, value can't be measured by numbers and figures alone- just as luxury can't be reduced to an appreciation of the very best there is. We believe true luxury offers an opportunity for growth as individuals an in the community around us.

For that reason Magical Places has been conceived in a different spirit: from me to we. It's the core idea behind our concept., informed as much byancient philosophy as an intimate knowledge of the upscale hospitality business and its limits.