We need to think about new ways to turn luxury brands into an experience for our guests... to touch them emotionally and experientially through the delivery and performance of our luxury service. Connecting luxury with guests values in a meaningful focused way.. with flow and harmony.

One solution serving 3 goals :

1. Wish for a 2nd home

2. Meaningful investmentproject

3. Personal growth

A new opportunity in luxury hospitality

We are looking for Magic Makers and Magic Seekers to participate the project and shape the future!

2 different investment opportunities, each limited to 10 investors, to develop the most magical elements of the resort.

For more information about the project scope, plan and opportunities to get involved, please contact Magical Places directly.


Golden destination and .. golden visa

As the home of the very first Magical Places, we have selected Portugal. If you have ever been , you can probably understand why.

Portugal is an amazing country with beautiful landscapes, historic sites and cities, a mediterean climate, utterly friendly people and not to forget their wonderful local delicatessen.

Portugal is also as destination and residence very attractive. The country offers various interesting advantages for non-eu citizens. The government rewards investors with regulations like residence permits and tax benefits.


  • 1st in quality of life (Expat Insider 2019)
  • 4th in peacefulness (Global Peace Index 2018)
  • 12th in Travel & Tourism competiveness 2019 /  WEF
  • 25th in best countries for business (Forbes, 2019)

The development

Magical Places works with a rich team of experts.

First of all a group of independent advisors, each of them specialised in field concerning construction, hospitality, legal, real estate, marketing, PR, Ux design and wellbeing.

For the realisation in Portugal Magical Places is partnering with highly renomated companies:

Essentia, Lisbon developing company specialised in sustainable hospitality and tourism projects.

CCA Lawfirm : who are specialised in supporting innovation and work with people and companies driven by great ideas as well for the procedure to your golden visa. Magical Places can connect you in case you need advise.

For whom is a Magical Place interesting

  • Anyone looking for a second home or new residence in Portugal
  • Enjoying much luxury amenities
  • Loves the comfort that all daily operation is taken care of.
  • Anyhow having the challenge to contribute and to add more value
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