Magical Places Project

The original Magical Places concept .... 

Innovation , Integration, Sustainability & Vision

The concept is based on creating value for all and designing for wellbeing .

Bringing hospitality to the next level. More in this video.

The destination is the stage. And here starts a dance, a magic with all beste elements the region has to offer. Staging the experiences: the actors are guests and locals. the guests are creating their own experiences. More

Voice :

Planetiers World Gathering in Lisbon October 2022 impact stage

' Inclusive Green Tourism ' 

The tourism sector challenges to transition to more inclusive and greenr destinations. 

With Luís Araújo (Turismo de Portugal, President & European Travel Commission) Judith Volker ( Magical Places),  Sabina Rusconi , Alvise Migotto (General Director Intermark-Turism Consultants) Eduard Müller (UCI, University for International Cooperation) 

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