Magical Places Project

A different spirit

For some, value can't be measured by numbers and figures alone.

Just as luxury can't be reduced to an appreciation of the very best there is.

I believe true luxury offers an opportunity for growth.

As for us as individuals and in the community around us.

For that reason, Magical Places has been conceived in a different spirit: from ME to WE.

It's the core idea behind my/our concept, informed as much by ancient philosophy as an intimate knowledge of the upscale hospitality business and its limits.

If you are committed to changing the world for the better, you would have the freedom and resources to make it happen. Your respon- sibility would focus on nurturing the symbiotic relationship between the resort and the community – for example through joint activities, such as arts and crafts or cooking classes, social projects to help the unemployed re-enter the workforce, and recycling programs. Another dimension would be the develop- ment of a foundation, which would initiate small-scale philanthropy projects funded by
a fixed allocation of Magical Places profits as well as grants from external institutions.

Magical Places

Magical Places is the new hospitality concept founded on the conviction that we are all capable of making magic in the here and now. Inspired by ideals but designed for tangible, positive impact, Magical Places is both an idyllic destination and proof of our capacity to grow, learn, create meaning, connect with others and ourselves – and be rewarded for doing so.



Reactivation of rural deserted or weak economic regions or villages.

Healthy holistic economic stimulation

Creating work and purpose for locals

Offering young people existence in rural areas.

Being attractive to move there

Relate to side businesses for experiences, culture, handcrafts , infrastructural

Attractive for other hospitility related business.


Involvement of local people

Investment in Staff

Training of staff

Improvement / Protection of basis infrastructure

Initiate caring projects

Stimulation of handcrafts / culture / art



Protection of the nature

Farming (selfsufficient, organic, innovative)


Heating / Cooling selfsufficient

Natural pools

 Using local materials

Reduce waste to minimum / recycle / avoid

The Magical Places concept book is available on request. 

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