Many questions are arising around the project. Which is for us a very good sign as that shows a good interest into the concept. However we are always available for a talk , just contact us.

Q.   How can I get involved into the project?

Please contact Magical Places directly. We are happy to (e)-meet you!

Q.   What does likeminded mean here?

Well we can be likeminded in many ways. Basically the features for the Magical Places are: a 'we' thinking, open minded , creative, sharing and a hands on mentality.

This is important to have direct contact and getting to know each other. As the spirit of the group should be matching.

Q.   Why is chosen for a book to communicate the concept?

As we see the book as much better medium to transmit the magic.  A website or digital book can not. So we consider this website as a very functional tool as you see. For feeling the magic, please get in touch with us directly.

Q.   Why is the book only in hard copy available?

This was a very well considered decision. We have choosen that only people looking for change and are open for following their intuition take the time to read it, to digest it.

There was a long discussion for having a pitchdeck or not.

We have decided for a 'no' for the above mentioned reason.

Q.   How can I receive this book?

Contact Magical Places directly!

Q.   What means the reference to the stoic philosphers?

These were already representing basics which are part of the philosophy of Magical Places.

Stoics are having more long term views, are open to share and think in 'we' not in 'me`.

Q.   What is the 'new business model?

The new business model is developed by Professor Jan Jonkers from the Radboud University in Nijmegen the Netherlands.


Q.   Why Portugal?

Portugal is simply stunning. Landscapes, food , culture but most important ... the great people!

Q.   Where in Portugal?

Hinterland of Portugal. An area that has beautiful nature and culture where a basic economic infrastructure would be necessary to protect this.

Q.   What is the status of the project?

Status March 2020

- working with the development company Essentia in Lisbon for finding the right property

- working with Law Firm CCA in Lisbon on the first fundaments for the business structure, agreements etc.

- Working 

- Ongoing search for involving the right stakeholders

Q.   Are there subvention programs?

We are looking into subvention programs from the state of Portugal or EU. Beside that also to work with certain funds which can be helpful for implementing the projects.

Q.   Is there a business plan available?

Yes, of course there is a business plan. This is based on a still simulated concept as long there is no concrete property found.

Q.   What is Magical Places?

Magical Places is a company surrounded with an expert/advisory network and working with reliable , progressive companies and partners to realise the project.

Basically Magical Places is together with these company setting the fundament for the Magic Makers to create the magic!

Q.   There are 20 investors involved. Is that not too much for getting decisions done?

Isn't it lovely to be a bunch of creative and constructive people? Learning from each other, having fun with each other. Where each is bringing a specific feature which all contributes to an amazing result of joy and happiness?

As you think in 'we' instead of 'me`, meaningful decisions will be taken easily.

Q.   Can I be an 'invisible' investor of the project? 

Of course. As the roles of Magic Makers are quite visible. The Magic Seekers are in the background. Of course we would love to see you on site otherwise you will miss an amazing experience.

Q.   What does the trainingcentre have as mission?


Improvement of the quality and motivation of employees in hospitality industry.

Q.   How do you know this is succes formula?

The guarantee is hard to give. As we see now with the Coronavirus how it affects the economy. A Magical Places project will be affected as much as other hotels.

However, Magical Places is carried by a bunch of inspirational persons. Their energy and creativity will be sensible throughout the property and communication. This will attract guests, guest craving for this purity and authencity. 

Q.   Why is there a foundation? and for what?

The foundation is there for the benefit of the whole region.

Stimulating and protecting:  education, culture, handcrafts 

Q.   What does the 'Friends of Magical Places program mean?

If you are curious then contact us!


Creator & Founder of Magical Places.

Create Magic


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